STELLA Vaporizer Review: Dr Dabber’s Next-Gen Concentrate Dab Pen

STELLA Vaporizer Review: Dr Dabber’s Next-Gen Concentrate Dab Pen

The next generation is all about the newest technology, the best experiences, and the products that fit an advanced lifestyle. Dr. Dabber is all about staying ahead of the curve and has been dedicated to creating the perfect vaporizer since 2013. They now offer vaping technology that fits easily in the hands of the next generation. If you are looking for the most advanced dabbing technology, read on to learn more about Dr. Dabber’s latest advancement – the Stella vaporizer. 

Maximized efficiency

The Stella portable vaporizer was created with the next generation of dabbers in mind. It is a combination of the best Dr. Dabber has to offer and their most recent technological advancements. The Stella vaporizer was preceded by the Aurora vaporizer, which was effective, but still had room for improvement. In the pursuit of perfection, Dr. Dabber rolled out the Stella to address the concerns of first generation Aurora users. 

Stella Vaporizer Dab Pen Review

The Stella portable dabber is offered at a price just under $100, which is a real steal. Your Stella vaporizer starter kit will come complete with the vape pen, a loading tool, and a USB-C charger — all you will need to start consuming extracts! In comparison to the traditional method of using a dab rig, blow torch, dabber tools and carb caps, the Stella offers a simpler and more advanced alternative. 

The Stella vaporizer also offers a more efficient and consistent method for dabbing than the traditional setup. With a temperature coefficient resistance heating element at the core of the Stella, you will never waste a drop of precious concentrates. This advanced technology allows the vaporizer battery to adjust its voltage according to the set temperature of the heating element, rather than putting out a constant stream of voltage. This adaptable feature eliminates the burnt flavor of vapor that every dabber knows and hates to inhale. 

This feature also extends the battery life of this device, allowing users to use it all day without having to worry about recharging. If you do encounter a time when the battery is drained and you still have wax left in the chamber, then you can continue to vape away with this device’s pass-through charging capabilities. This dab pen offers an average of 50 hits after being fully charged, depending on how you load your bowls and what kind of sessions you prefer. 

Stella Portable Vape Pen Review

There is never any concentrate wasted on the inhale either, due to the alumina ceramic heating chamber and sealed ceramic heating element. This upgraded design allows for better airflow through the heating chamber, as well as a more efficient use of power. None of the heat is wasted or redirected to the body of the vaporizer, meaning that the pen will stay cool to touch no matter how much you dab. 

Advanced easy of use 

The Stella portable vaporizer is designed with the everyday dabber in mind. There are three simple pieces to this device and only one button to worry about. The first part is the magnetic mouthpiece, which detaches and snaps back into place with ease. This part includes a silicone airflow regulator, which allows for less resistance when taking a good long draw on the pen. By including this in the mouthpiece, it filters the air you’re inhaling and minimizes clogging with residue. 

Stella Vaporizer Dab Pen Review 3

The next piece of the Stella pen is the ceramic bowl and atomizer, which offers easy loading and consistent heating of materials. The included dab tool allows you to load the chamber easily on the go. It is recommended that you do not overload the bowl, and the specific maximum load will depend on the type of concentrates you are loading. If your extract has a thicker consistency, you should load smaller amounts more frequently, rather than overpacking a single load. But, if you prefer sugar sauces then you can get away with loading more in, as long as you don’t go above the halfway mark. Anything more than half of the chamber’s capacity will lead to a less efficient draw. Since the chamber is easy to load, reloading it frequently or on the go is not an issue. Loading more often also allows you to clean out the chamber more often with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. This is the best practice to ensure that your hits taste clean and flavorful every time. 

The final part is the heart of the Stella, and what makes all of the difference when it comes to portable vaporizers — the battery. The battery is managed with a single button with its own secret code. It takes five clicks to turn the battery on, two clicks to preheat the device, and one click during the inhale. When the battery is turned on you’ll know through haptic feedback and a mini light show. Each color the battery lights up with conveys a different heating level for the Stella battery: 

  1. Purple = 460 degrees Fahrenheit 
  2. Green = 550 degrees Fahrenheit 
  3. Cyan = 630 degrees Fahrenheit 
  4. Orange = 775 degrees Fahrenheit 

Watch the video below to see how easy the Stella Vaporizer is to use.

Three clicks of the button will allow you to cycle through the three voltage options and find the right heat for the consistency of your concentrate. It’s best to allow this pen to heat up for five to ten seconds before taking your first draw. Once those ten seconds have passed, you can click and hold the power button to take up to a 15-second draw. However, this device is best-suited for quick, convenient hits on the go.

Click & Go! 

The Stella portable vaporizer is a convenient option for any dabber. This vaporizer dab pen features four different heat settings, a floating detachable chamber, and vortex airflow. It can handle all types of concentrates, with ease. It is important to note that this vaporizer is not compatible with 510 disposable vape cartridges. However, that minor detail won’t matter when you discover how easy this dab pen is to use with concentrates. The atomizer will need to be replaced after four to twelve weeks of steady use, but that is less often than you would have to refill the average dab torch. A single full charge will last the average dabber all day, but if you happen to vape more than usual, you can also take hits while it is charging. 

Overall, the Stella vaporizer is one of the most convenient tools for those looking to vape dabs throughout their day. We would definitely recommend checking one out at your local smoke shop next time you pay a visit!

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