Chameleon Glass provides products that are designed to make every smoking experience just a bit more enjoyable. With carefully chosen materials and an emphasis on quality of life, all the accessories that Chameleon Glass provides have something unique about them that makes them stand out from the crowd.

The family owned and operated brand has continued to grow due to constantly meeting the demands of their customers and creating accessories with features that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Water Pipes – Inventive technology adds a new system to the Chameleon Glass water pipes. Known as the Monsoon, these pipes use holes placed in a select location. Through these holes, the pipes let smoke bubble through water much more easily and make it more difficult for water to escape in order to create a spill-proof system. A true innovation in production glass.

Mouthpieces – Chameleon uses an innovative mouthpiece, known as the Ash Catcher, which takes gravity into the plan for a better smoke. This device uses gravity to deflect anything heavier than air allowing the pipe to remove any ash in order to get the best taste.

Hand Pipes – Chameleon Glass hand pipes use special engineering for a “softer” smoke. Through air directors placed on each side of the pipe, Typhoon hand pipes use centrifugal force which takes combusted tar and ash and sticks it to the inside of the pipe to make the smoking experience much more enjoyable.

Chameleon Glass headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and you can purchase their products from their online store directly or through any of their various resellers.

Chameleon Glass has been providing several high-quality smoking products and glass accessories for people all over the nation. With a strong focus on educating its customers, the website provides several online resources to teach smokers about glass through their glass education page. There are also blog posts that keep people up to date on the latest news that involve smoking and how the experience may change for people throughout the United States. Whether you’re there to upgrade your inventory or learn more about smoking through various accessories and products, Chameleon Glass has the exact tools and information you need.

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