Although Gordo Scientific started back in 2012, the owner of the shop had a 10-year history of working on the torch before then. Since the inception of the glass shop, the people at Gordo Scientific have constantly been working to improve their craft and implement new ideas and products to meet the quality and standards that customers now demand. Gordo Scientific headquarters is in Pine, Colorado. You can purchase their products from their online store or from retailers around the country.

Glass Pieces – Known for pieces like the OG Riptide, Gordo Scientific has made its mark on the smoking community with its continued innovation on production glass products. Items like the OG Riptide Cap V2 showcase just how much care is put into each product as it is updated and improved upon from the original version in order to fully embrace customers’ preferences.

One thing that sets Gordo Scientific apart from the rest is the collaboration efforts. Pieces such as the Volcano Riptide with OG Tubes are made with Hawaiian heady artist OG Tubes and utilizes his lava volcano sections to make the piece really stand out.

Gordo Scientific carefully crafts glass pieces in its studios in the Rocky Mountains. With an intense pride in creating some high-quality glass accessories for the market, there is a great deal of detail and intricacy in each glass piece that’s created.

The online shop doesn’t just show off the collection of glass pieces that Gordo Scientific creates, but also provides educational information and shows off the process of how to make glass pieces so people learn how much effort goes into each piece that’s created and can even begin their own journey with the proper equipment, knowledge and safety precautions. When it comes to a dedication to glass and making the best of the best, there is nothing quite like Gordo Scientific.

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