C2 Custom Creations claims the title of #1 American Functional Glass Producer and one look at their catalogue makes it evident why. Their refined taste and commitment to only using the highest quality glass is displayed through their products.

Started as a family owned business, C2 Custom Creations was started by Mike and his father out of a passion for glass-blowing as an art. They started to dabble in the craft of hand pipes and water pipes originally, this is where the father applied his lifetime experience as a glass blower for laboratory apparatuses.

This combined with a love of cannabis helped them to naturally transition into making production glass influenced by modern trends and high-standards of smoking experiences.

C2 Custom Creations has been innovating since 2006 and pushing the industry forward by developing unique percs like the ratchet, barrel and tray.

This commitment to evolving has refined their product line to a point that they have glass which will appeal to any individual smoking preference. They employ a unique combination of form and function to stand out from the competition.

Not for the faint of heart, C2 uses only German Schott tubing and Schott or Lenze joints for the clear lines of their product as well as promising that everything is done in-house.

Recently, the company has started adding color to their production glass and ensure that their color tubing is sourced locally from companies such as; Greasy Glass, PDX tubing Company, Trautman Art Glass, Glass Alchemy, and Northstar Glass.

C2 Custom Creations is for those with refined taste. Although they have glass which would be a great entry point for any new smoker, their refined selection is ideal for anyone who has nailed down exactly the smoking experience they desire.

The unique combination of large-scale production and family-owned ethics really does have C2 Custom Creations standing out in a saturated market.

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