When it comes to elite wholesale brands that offer quality products at a reasonable price, Medicali comes to mind. No matter what style of glass art or accessories that you are searching for, there’s a solid chance that Medicali is carrying it. The branding of “MediCali” is an obvious play on “medical” and “cali”, and their products are created in a “Modern Flame Factory” in California. There are some amazing products that are created meticulously, in a scientific fashion.

They offer some absolutely incredible production glass. Thanks to the outstanding quality, it should be noted that these pieces aren’t cheap, and usually cost well over a hundred dollars. These include remarkable pieces such as 12-inch bell bubblers, beaker tubes, straight tubes, and more, showing how Medicali is able to offer a versatile selection of styles and designs. They also have you covered in terms of accessories, to help ensure that your business always has a steady flow of smoking accessories. This can ensure a new revenue stream for your business, as smokers might remember your business as a location to stop by should they need to update or repair their smoking devices or accessories.

This includes accessories such as carb caps, hourglass bowls, downstems, and more, all offered at reasonable prices. It’s the perfect place to shop whether you’ve been saving up for a custom piece, or simply need to purchase a replacement part. One of the incredible aspects of their wholesale business is that they ship to all 50 states and online retailers, so you don’t have to wonder about whether you can order. There are also multiple payment options, and most importantly – they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! It’s easy to see that Medicali is completely confident that you will be a repeat customer.

Medicali often updates their selection to make sure that they offer their newest products to customers, and also regularly hold sales for those that love bargain buys. Whether you are searching for a vaporizer, ash catcher, bowl, banger, water pipe, rig, beaker, hand pipe, or something else – they are a company that certainly can help you with what you need. Medicali even has grinders! Whether you are searching for a fun vintage gift for a smoker friend in your life, or are looking to jumpstart your business by looking into Medicali as a wholesale option, there’s a good chance that you won’t be disappointed!

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