What Is ‘710’ And Why Did 7/10 Become A Stoner Holiday?

What Is ‘710’ And Why Did 7/10 Become A Stoner Holiday?

If you’ve been smoking weed in recent years, you’ve probably heard of oil day, also known as 710 or dab day. Around 2012, a new cannabis holiday hit the scene on July 10, just a couple of months after 4/20. While 420 is a world-famous stoner holiday, 710 is a newer one on the scene. If you’ve ever wondered about where it came from, here’s everything you need to know.

What is 710? 

If you take 710 (go ahead and type it into a calculator) and flip it over, it spells out the word “oil”. This is pretty neat, because there are a ton of different types of cannabis oils and extracts available at both medical and recreational dispensaries. It’s also pretty neat because 710 can also be read as 7/10, a specific month and day, which has become a cannabis holiday.

While people have been celebrating 4/20 for over 30 years, 7/10 is a much newer holiday with pretty mysterious origins. The first 7/10 celebration was held back in 2012 when the 7/10 (OIL) Cup took place to appreciate the huge variety of cannabis concentrates hitting the scene. After Colorado and Washington legalized cannabis for recreational use, using cannabis started to become a cultural norm. As other states legalized it, more and more extracts, oils and dabs became available to more and more people.

While many 710s have probably been celebrated at home with friends, 710 is a huge celebration in places like Colorado and California. Every year on July 10th, people get together to enjoy cannabis concentrates in hopes of breaking the negative stigma around dabbing.

Why do people dab on 710? 

Dabbing concentrates is a surefire way to get a huge dose of THC in one convenient rip. Its popularity as a consumption method is skyrocketing since it can provide a stronger, quicker, longer-lasting high. While this is just blissful and amazing for recreational users, these effects are also extremely helpful to medical patients who need fast THC-heavy relief.

However, there is still a stigma around dabbing concentrates. With the torch and the dab rig, the medical tools and other “paraphernalia”, dabbing cannabis extracts can look like heating up hard drugs to the untrained and skeptical eye.  It can be intimidating even to seasoned flower aficionados. Although, for medical patients, dabbing is a fast and reliable method (along with edibles) to get a lot of cannabinoids into your body. As industry practices improve and extracts become more refined and safer to manufacture, we hope to shift the negative connotation of dabbing into something comfortable.

710 dab day came along to help expedite that process. 710 is a celebration where industry professionals and extract specialists (along with many, many extract fans) come together to offer information, resources, and insight into the world of extracts in hopes of making them more approachable and accessible for people who need them or simply enjoy and appreciate them.

If you love to dab, celebrate 710 on July 10th! Hit up your favorite dispensary and find great deals on concentrates, or check out your local smoke shop for great deals on dab tools, rigs, and accessories. Regardless of how you spend the end of your day, we hope you enjoy your holiday.

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