Empire Glassworks breathes some fresh air into classic smoking devices and accessories without dropping the ball on quality. In addition to high-grade, durable glass, Empire Glassworks incorporates NASA-developed dichroic glass used in astronaut spacesuits so you can ‘blast off’ in style.

They’ve moved on from high-end jewelry and figurines to Sailor Moon dabbers and Sriracha bottle bongs, adding a touch of class and whimsy to any collection.

Bongs, Bubblers and Rigs. Empire Glassworks bongs, bubblers and concentrate rigs function in the classic sense, but they’re far from ordinary. Whether you have your next bowl out of a Cookie Monster sundae, cactus patch or rocket ship, setting one of these on your coffee table will definitely have you and your friends looking twice.

Pipes. Can you imagine smoking out of an ice-cream sundae hand pipe? How about a Pickle-Rick spoon? Empire Glassworks makes that possible with their large eye-catching collection of durable glass pipes that ensure to add a touch of fun to your small sessions.

Smoking Accessories: Empire Glassworks’ wide variety of smoking accessories adds a piece of artistic flair to bongs, rigs and your other favorite devices. Choose from bowl pieces, carb caps, dabbers and drip tips that play homage to childhood nostalgia and current pop-culture.

Established in 2014, these California-based production glass artisans have 40 years of experience in glassblowing under their belts. Headquartered in Placentia, Empire Glassworks production glass items can be found through head shops and retailers in the United States and around the globe.

Visit the company website here.