Hefty jobs require heavy gear and this applies to your smoking experiences as well. HVY Glass is the place to look for the equipment you need to secure the best smoke possible.

HVY Glass is produced in the South Bay area of Los Angeles and are keen to ensure that their products support vendors and manufacturers locally. This California based company creates production glass in a variety of styles and subsequent models that appeal to any smoking ritual while having some stunning aesthetics.

They proudly carry the “Made in America” stamp and use their platform to push the importance of supporting your local smoking culture.

At times, placing your brand behind a message or means can be a drag for the consumer, creating concern that the company is more focused on a message and means than their product. Worry not, these efforts are not straining on behalf of the consumer as the production glass created by this company is of the highest standards.

HVY Glass focuses on three distinct categories of glass; Traditional Styles, Scientific Styles & Accessories.

Don’t let the short list of categories trick you though, their extensive catalogue is astounding when you consider that all of it was sourced locally. This variety is reinforced by more than just aesthetics. You can find that HVY Glass with a minimalist approach in contrast to beautifully ornate glass akin to the work of a heady artist – think the difference between a single chamber beaker & a monster with multiple bubblers.

For those on the other end of the counter, HVY Glass’s extensive catalogue is available wholesale for vendors to stock their shelves. If you are looking for an affordable, locally-sourced line of production glass, it’s hard to beat the products offered by this company.

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