RooR Glass is one of the select few brands of production glass brands that can be found in head-shops world-wide. Their belief in a Pure Smoke Kulture is a driving force behind their mandate to provide a premium smoking experience.

Their artisans and glass-blowers working out of Germany apply only the highest level of workmanship to craft a quality product with their decades of experience. However, as four-time High Times Cup Winner, they are able to back up their credibility internationally.

RooR Glass didn’t do this alone though, they value the feedback from their customers to guarantee the development of their product line. Many of their innovations – such as the anti-rolling system, diffusers, or even the ice notches – have pioneered smoking methods with the input of their consumers.

That said, this commitment to creating products based on consumers needs has grown the product line of RooR Glass exponentially. When you are browsing their catalogue you will find products categorized in; Straight, Beaker, Limited Edition, Click & Buy, Specials, Collabs, Dabbing, Vapor, Accessories, ArtGlas, Phuncky Feel Tips, PapersTransport, Merchandise.

Don’t let this sheer variety intimidate you, it simply accommodates all levels of smokers best. New to the glass game? Hit up the Click & Buy category for some quality quick picks or jump on over to the Collabs & Limited Edition for some one-of-a-kind pieces that would make any collectors kit pop.

This wide line is reinforced by the aforementioned decades of experience, you can trust that if you are buying a product from RooR Glass, it will give you the best return for your investment. The quality glass combined with the refinement of design is the cornerstone of their international reputation.

If a production glass company is known worldwide, you best know it is for a reason.

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